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Let's Get Modern

I am continuing my journey as a pattern maker. I have 3 completed patterns, with the original quilts pieced and quilted and on the covers.   Each pattern features a different piecing technique:   #101 - Paper Foundation Piecing #102 - Hexagonal Pineapple with "Y" seams piecing #103 - Conventional piecing a 9-patch center, in a 9-patch block With those done for the traditional quilter who loves the historical quilts, now I am working on the modern/contemporary version of each one. #101, Spring's Glorious Pathway  will be subtle, soft colors with a lot of  negative space for textured quilting. #102, Grateful Comfort   will feature a lot  of Tula Pink fabric with chartreuse centers  and a wild old large print shower curtain fabric!   I am so excited about this one.  To accent all that brightness,  I have some browns to grays.  Can't wait. #103, Starlit Crossroads   will be crazy  greens with melon colors and gray to  beige acc
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"Homey" - re-homed UFO! This one's going in a whole new direction!

So, I've joined in on #UFOvember 2020, organized by Bobbie Gentili at The Geeky Bobbin and this week I want to share a little UFO re-homing.  First off, my own UFO confession.   About 10 years ago, I spent a good week completely re-working, re-organizing, purging and cleaning my sewing room/studio.  After nearly 45 years of quilting, you could say I have some stash, mind you, not as much as some I've seen!  It all started because I couldn't find a quilt top I wanted to finish and gift to someone.  Long story short, it had fallen behind a box on the top shelf (5th shelf up) and was finally located after the total reorg.  I keep all my projects (yes, officially UFO's) in apple boxes on 3 big Costco shelf units.  Yes, that is 45 boxes!  But this includes projects, fabric groupings, garments, fabric for garments, linings, backings, jami fabric...ok you get the idea.  Point is, not all are UFO quilts. But, I wanted to be able to find anything within 5 minutes.  My mind knows

So many opportunities, so little time

Keeping it short and sweet!  If you are like me you don't want to read a lot of words, just give me the pictures.  So, that is what I will do most of the time. It is all about the QUILTING journey.   What are we doing? What are we working on? What is the process? What are our thoughts on the ideas? What are we buying? What are we eating?  (Oops, that's a different blog, I will try to say on task here... FOCUS!) So, I am creating quilt patterns with a friend and partner, Jim Tharpe, who has a collection of family quilts dating back to the slave era.  I will make the first quilt as a replica of the original and the second quilt will be a modern/contemporary version.  Stay tuned for that blog coming soon. These patterns will be available soon on Etsy! The Original Quilt... This is the original quilt owned by Jim Tharpe.  It is bright and vibrant even all these years later.  It is hand quilted in straight lines. My Replica... This is my "Replica&quo